Richard O. Cunningham

Trade Policies and Strategies is a collection of articles by Richard O. Cunningham, a Washington lawyer, once described by a U.S. Under-secretary of Commerce as America’s “leading practitioner of the black art of international trade law”. Drawing on his experience as counsel – sometimes for U.S. industries, sometimes for exporters from Europe, Asia or Latin America – Mr..Cunningham provides insights and commentary on a range of questions that continue to vex today’s lawyers, agency administrators and negotiators that work with the U.S. import relief laws, barriers to market access and participate in WTO negotiations and dispute settlement. Mr. Cunningham’s analyses are both perceptive and comprehensive and often at variance with “the conventional wisdom”.

Trade Policies and Strategies will be of value to trade law practitioners, government officials, academics and those who seek an in-depth understanding of major trade issues. For practitioners, Mr. Cunningham gives detailed advice on how to develop both arguments and strategies to achieve effective advocacy in cases that must be approached, not purely from a legal perspective, but one that encompasses a complex mixture of law, policy and politics. For the government administrator and trade policy maker, he offers equally valuable advice on how attention to the details in the decision making process and a different approach to advocacy can improve the government’s “batting average” in the courts and in WTO dispute settlement.

Richard O. Cunningham is the senior international trade partner at Steptoe and Johnson LLP, a Washington-based law firm, with offices in London, Brussels, New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles. He is also active in WTO and NAFTA dispute resolution and has advised major companies as well as government negotiators and Congressional Committees on WTO and NAFTA trade negotiations.

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