Steve Charnovitz

Bringing together 16 of his essays in one collection, Steve Charnovitz demonstrates the linkages among key issues in the current debates about globalisation. The Reviews below speak for themselves:

“Charnovitz is in a class by himself. His essays reflect both enormous scholarship and a splendid policy sense. No matter how learned you are, you can always read him with profit on the many problems facing the world trading system today. This book is indispensable. Buy, borrow or steal it: and then read and be enlightened.”

Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor, Columbia University

Economic Policy Adviser to the Director General, GATT (1991-93) & External Adviser to the Director General, WTO

“Steve Charnovitz has been one of the most profound US analysts of international trade law, environmental law, labor law and human rights law over many years. This book demonstrates his unique success in explaining - from a democratic citizen perspective rather than from an outdated state-centered approach - the complex linkage problems and governance challenges in these vast fields of international law and policy.”

Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Professor of Law, European University Institute,

Former Legal Adviser to GATT and WTO

“Trade and environment” and “trade and labour” continue to be a challenge for multilateral and regional trade negotiations.  This book will help to sharpen the policy debates on trade linkage.

Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, Director, Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore

“Steve Charnovitz’s Essays in Trade Law and Global Governance is a tour de force. The volume provides thoughtful and sweeping coverage of a critical subject: the connection between trade liberalisation and other policy domains, such as environmental protection, labor, and human rights.

These linkages — and the WTO’s failure to deal with them — lie at the heart of the backlash against globalisation.  Charnovitz not only explains the problem but also spells out where we might begin to look for solutions . . . required reading for anyone interested in the globalisation debate in general or reform of the trade regime in particular.”

Daniel C. Esty, Professor of Environmental Law and Policy,Yale University, USA

ISBN 10: 1 874698 88 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 88 3

• Hardback • 540pp • 2002 • £95.00