Frieder Roessler

Frieder Roessler worked for the World Bank and then for the GATT and the World Trade Organisation. In 1989 he was appointed Director of Legal Affairs, a post which he held until 1995 when he joined the faculty of law of Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

He has written extensively, mainly in the field of international trade law. This selection of his essays puts the fabric of the world trade order under intense scrutiny, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in its composition and suggesting potential remedies and improvements to it. The publication will doubtless provide invaluable material for anyone involved with, studying or merely following the fiery and topical debate over the past, present and future structure and function of the world trade order. Topics covered include:

- “Law, de facto Agreements and Declarations of Principle in International Economic Rela-tions”

- “The International Law Com-mission and the New International Economic Order”

- “The Concept of Nullification and Impairment in the Legal System of the World Trade Organisation”

- “The Rationale for Reciprocity in Trade Negotiations Under Flexible Exchange Rates”

- “The Constitutional Function of the Multilateral Trade Order”

- “Diverging Domestic Policies and Multilateral Trade Integration”

- “The Relationship between the World Trade Order and the International Monetary System”

- “The Relationship Between Regional Integration Agreements and the Multilateral Trade Order”

- “Domestic Policy Objectives and the Multilateral Trade Order: Lessons from the Past”

ISBN 10: 1 874698 08 2

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 08 1

• Hardback • 215pp • 2000 • £85.00