Edited by Thomas Cottier, Matthias Oesch and Thomas M. Fischer

International trade regulation has moved centre stage. Economic interdependence, enhanced trade in goods and services and the challenges of globalization have brought about a substantial body of law on global, regional and national levels. The advent of the World Trade Organization in 1995, building upon the long traditions of the 1947 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, provided a new regulatory framework, based on which a rich jurisprudence has emerged over the last decade. The field enjoys increasing interest among practitioners, scholars and students. A new academic discipline of combined research in law, economics and political science is evolving. It deals with an area which, despite being part of positive law, for a long time was largely neglected in legal teaching and research.

This book is part of a worldwide effort to catch up. It emerged from a series of lectures given over the last ten years in WTO law, EC and Swiss external relations law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Berne. Subsequently,these lectures were merged into a single undertaking. The book deals in an integrated manner with global law, European and Swiss law relevant under the WTO. Experience has shown that these levels cannot be separated in understanding the complexities of the vast subject. The book offers introductory comments, cases and texts from which scholars, practitioners, teachers and students may choose in exploring the framework and details of international trade regulation. While some will focus mainly on the WTO, others will include EC law. The Swiss domestic level will be of interest to those focussing on particular problems of national law. It is here that the book also includes German and French language texts, in the best traditions of European and Swiss multilingual diversity. Texts, cases and materials available up to August 2004 were considered. Permission to reproduce has been generously granted either by the authors themselves or by the publishers who originally printed the materials. The excerpts are consistently introduced indicating the exact source of first publication. We have eliminated almost all footnotes from the texts, except where retained in brackets. References to additional publications can be found throughout the book under the heading of ‘further reading’, the first one containing general works on WTO law and policy.

Co-published with Staempfli

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