Marco Bronckers

Marco Bronckers has been practising international trade law for 20 years. He is also professor of WTO and EC external trade relations law at the University of Leyden. This book provides a cross-sectional view of the legal issues that are at the forefront of WTO developments, and contains essays in the following subjects:

- Rethinking the ‘Like Product’ Definition in WTO Law: Anti-dumping and Environmental  Protection (co-authored with Natalie McNelis)

- Rehabilitating Antidumping and other Trade Remedies through Cost-Benefit Analyses

- Telecommunications Services and the World Trade Organisation, (co-authored with Pierre Larouche)

- The Impact of TRIPS: Intellectual Property Protection in Developing Countries

- The Exhaustion of Patent Rights under WTO Law

- The Position of Privatized Utilities under WTO and EC Procurement Rules

-  Fact and Law in Pleadings Before the WTO Appellate Body (co-authored with Natalie McNelis)

-  Outside Counsel in WTO Dispute Process (co-authored with John Jackson).

-  Private Participation in the Enforcement of WTO law: The New EC Trade Barriers Regulation

-  Better Rules for a New Millennium: A Warning Against Undemocratic Developments in the WTO

ISBN 10: 1 874698 38 4

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 38 8

•  Hardback • 300pp • 2000 • OUT OF PRINT