Binda Sahni

The sphere within which Transnational Corporations (TNCs) operate is continually expanding. From areas of pure commerce to the battle grounds of Iraq TNCs are required to tread the often fine line between “corporate” and “public” good. TNCs and their subsidiaries can and do inflict human injury and environmental damage in pursuitof corporate goals. However, despite their influence, TNCs are not above the rule of law.

TNCs may not only incur direct liability for human injury and death under public international law via state responsibility, but in the context of parent-subsidiary nexus, could also be liable under domestic and applicable international law in the municipal courts of home and host states.

Transnational Corporate Liability explores civil and criminal liability both from the national and international perspectives. It identifies standards of liability as these have evolved under company, tort, human rights and international case law, primarily in the common law jurisdictions. Also explored are means by which these standards may be strengthened in the future.

ISBN 10: 1 905017 17 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 17 1

 • Hardback • 2006 • £85.00