Clive Nicholls QC, Clare Montgomery QC & Julian Knowles

Nicholls, Montgomery & Knowles provides a thoroughly modern analysis of the principles and practice of extradition and international mutual legal assistance.  The work aims to be both comprehensive, for example by providing domestic examples with international cross-referencing, and user-friendly through clear and concise indexing.

The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance will be of assistance to all legal practitioners, from lawyers to academics, government employees and members of the judiciary.  However, the book has also been constructed in such a way that it  provides newcomers to these areas of the law with an instructive and understandable resource.

The authors have unrivalled expertise in the field, which is reflected in the book’s uniquely accessible and detailed treatment of its subjects.  Between them Nicholls, Montgomery & Knowles have appeared in almost every significant extradition and mutual assistance case in the United Kingdom in the last 20 years, including their successful defence of Senator Pinochet. As a result each author is able to bring unique insights to bear on the analysis, which seeks to be both critical and prescient.

Each chapter contains detailed footnotes incorporating references to many unreported and foreign authorities as well as to law review articles and academic commentary.  The impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights is also comprehensively covered.

The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance has comprehensive appendices incorporating all the relevant statutory and treaty materials as well as a bibliography and references to relevant internet sites. The contents of the publication are arranged as follows:

Part I is concerned with extradition and includes coverage of the following topics:

-           Introduction and overview of extradition procedure from the United Kingdom

-           Extradition crimes

-           Jurisdictional scope of the Extradition Act 1989

-           Committals

-           Restrictions on return

-           Extradition to the United Kingdom

-           The order for return stage

-           Extradition and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Part II covers mutual assistance in the criminal field including:

-           Evidence from the United Kingdom for use overseas

-           Overseas evidence for use in the United Kingdom

-           Entry, search and seizure

-           Enforcement of overseas restraint and confiscation orders in the United Kingdom

ISBN 10: 1 874698 43 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 43 2

  • Hardback • 872pp • 2002 • £125