Kate Cook

“Wildlife Law” brings together the diverse law directly concerned with wildlife conservation, examines how the courts have interpreted these laws and considers some common themes arising in the various sectors. The book begins with a general discussion of the evolution of conservation law and the role of European and international law in its development, together with an examination of some key concepts including biodiversity and sustainable use. The main part of the book consists of three sections dealing with habitat protection, species protection and international trade in endangered species.

It is undeniable that the interaction between land use, planning law and species and habitat protection is assuming greater importance than ever before for both business and government. Special Areas of Conservation, species specific protection, control of trade in endangered species (the CITES Convention as implemented in the EU) are all covered in this wide-ranging book, including their relationship with accepted principles such as the precautionary principle and sustainable development. Written by a former legal advisor to the UK  Department of the Environment, it covers habitat protection and development,  the relationship between wildlife law and other areas of environmental law, key legislation including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the Habitats Regulations 1994, CITES and the relevant EC Council Directives.

The focus is on UK Law (principally law of England and Wales) but the domestic law is presented alongside the European Union Law on which much of it is based. The international framework for nature conservation is also presented in outline. The author’s main aim has been to produce a book that is of practical use to all those interested in the law governing wildlife conservation, whether local or international, activist, independent practitioner, civil servant or student. She has sought to state the law as it was in January 2004 with indications, so far as it is possible, as to forthcoming changes.

About the Author

Kate Cook is a practising barrister at Matrix Chambers, specialising in public law, European Law and environmental law and was formerly a legal advisor at the Department of the Environment, specialising in international and European Community law (1993-1999). She has considerable experience of environmental law in general and conservation law in particular. She act for environmental non-governmental organisations, private individuals and public authorities. She publishes and lectures regularly on environmental law and has an LLM in International Legal Studies from NYU Law School.

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ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 01 2

• Hardback • 514pp • 2004 • £75.00