Edited by Durwood Zaelke, Donald Kaniaru & Eva Kruzíkova

The scope of Making Law Work ranges from the broadest perspectives on the issue of compliance – theories of why States and firms do or do not comply with domestic and international laws, and discussions of the critical connections among compliance and enforcement, good governance, the rule of law, and sustainable development – to detailed practices for inspections and specific strategies for non-governmental organizations, government regulators, courts, and others.

Making Law Work also focuses on three exciting and empowering newer developments in environmental governance and sustainable development:  (1) the increasing use of indicators as part of a movement to a more empirical, data-driven systems approach, with feedback loops and adaptation; (2) the rise of trans governmental networks as a new vision of global environmental governance, with the component institutions of States (regulators, judges, enforcement officials, etc.) interacting directly with their peers around the world; and (3) the “Porter hypothesis” demonstrating that States can design, implement, and strictly enforce the right kinds of laws and save money, potentially even making a profit for the regulated firms because of technological innovation. 


In addition to pulling together some of the best existing literature from authors such as Ronald Mitchell, Kal Raustiala, Clifford Rechtschaffen, Peter Sand, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Oran Young, and others, Making Law Work features original works by several leading practitioners, including: K. Madhava Sarma, Elizabeth Mrema, Carl Bruch, Romina Picolotti, David Hunter, Annette Killmer, Georges Kremlis, Jan Dusik, Paul Leinster, Jim Gray, Chris Howes, Rosie Clark, Michael Stahl, Lawrence Pratt, and Carolina Mauri.

About the Editors

Durwood Zaelke is Director of the INECE Secretariat, President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, and co-director of the Program on Governance for Sustainable Development at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Donald Kaniaru, a lawyer and advocate in Kenya, formerly served as the Director of the Division of Environmental Policy and Implementation and of the Division on Environmental Conventions during a 28-year career with the United Nations Environment Programme. 

Eva Kruzíkova is co-founder and director of the Institute for Environmental Policy, the former head of the Legislation and International Relations departments of the Czech Ministry of Environment (a ministry she was instrumental in establishing), and has served as a member of the Environmental Advisory Council for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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