4th WTLA YEARBOOK - Challenges and Prospects for the WTO

Edited by Andrew Mitchell

The World Trade Law Association's Yearbooks are the most timely overview of the international legal developments generated by the WTO. Collected over a number of years, the WTLA Yearbooks will form an invaluable series and become an indispensable reference tool for lawyers in private practice, government service or universities working in this field. This series of topical essays will be the most up to date and provide the broadest treatment available of this swiftly-moving area.

The 4th Yearbook of the WTLA contains contributions from academics, lawyers, and diplomats based on papers delivered at the Sixth and Seventh Conferences of the World Trade Law Association (WTLA) in London as well as specially commissioned chapters. The chapters of this book follow four broad themes: (1) the state of play in WTO negotiations and disputes; (2) defining the boundaries of the WTO; (3) the scope of WTO dispute settlement; and (4) the interface between regional trade agreements and the WTO.

As the WTO heads towards its Sixth Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, China, it is hoped that the first-hand experience and knowledge of the contributors to this book may play a small part in improving understanding of some of the legal and political challenges facing the WTO today, as well as its prospects for the future.

ISBN 10: 1 905017 04 9

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 04 1

• Softback • 304pp • 2004 • £85.00