A Practitioner’s Handbook

Bart Driessen

Transparency of the European Union’s institutions has engendered much law over the last ten years. This handbook is the first publication to provide a comprehensive practical overview of these rules. Moreover, the author discusses in detail the practice that has developed within the institutions in applying them.

Transparency in EU Institutional Law – A Practitioner’s Handbookwill be of interest to anyone who needs to access documentation from any of the EU institutions and to EU officials obliged to apply the law. In addition to giving a comprehensive overview on the law relating to public access to documents, the author discusses in detail other aspects of transparency in the European Union, such as the rules on lobbying, the public Council meetings, and requests for information.


Dr Bart Driessen is a member of the Legal Service of the Council of the Union. He has also worked as a lawyer in private practice and in the European Commission. He has published widely on both international and European Union law.

ISBN 10: 1 905017 72 3

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 72 0

• Hardback • 2008 • £130.00