Edited by Mark Clough QC

Trade & Telecommunications is the most current book to address the implications of the global liberalisation of voice telephony and other basic telecom services for the international telecommunications industry. With their focus on areas of potential dispute, the team of authors is led by Ashurst Morris Crisp partner, Mark Clough, who is a leading EU trade, competition and regulatory specialist. A solicitor advocate, he has considerable experience of WTO dispute procedures.

Contributions have been secured from top international telecoms experts, unrivalled in their fields. For example:

-           The European perspective has been written by European Commission senior admi-nistrator Myriam Gonzalez Durantez, who was a key member of the EU WTO basic telecoms negotiating team;

-           The effect on the US market has been contributed by Kelly Cameron, a partner at Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy. He was previously the leader of the US Federal Comm-unications Commission WTO basic telecoms team during the three years leading up to the signing of the agreement;

-           Ted Ringrose, writing on the impact on Asian telecomm-unications markets, was part of the Hong Kong Government’s WTO basic telecoms neg-otiation team and prepared the Hong Kong schedule of commitments.

Trade & Telecommunications sets both the WTO basic telecoms agreement in the overall context of the WTO institutional framework and the general agreement on trade in services, including the liberalisation of value added telecommunications services. In addition a separate chapter focuses on WTO dispute procedure, and includes an up-to-date table of WTO proceedings.

The WTO basic telecoms agreement provides major commercial opportunities for the international telecommunications industry by opening up foreign markets to competition on the basis of equal treatment with national services and service suppliers. In particular, the agreement has provided a backbone for the liberalisation of domestic markets, illustrated by the total liberalisation of basic telecoms in Europe from 1 January 1998. The agreement has also had a major impact on liberalisation of the domestic markets in the US and Asia. The regulatory paper adopted at the same time as the agreement contains the blue print for a level playing field and liberalisation guarantees. Entering into force in February 1998, the WTO basic telecoms agreement is one of the most important developments for the international telecommunications industry as it enters the new millennium.

ISBN 10: 1 874698 13 9

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 13 5

• Hardback • 307pp • 2001 • £95.00