Collected Essays

Thomas Cottier

The articles in this volume, arranged under three broad themes,  chronicle the development of IP  protection and explore the challenges that lie ahead. It presents a distillation of the contributions made on the subject by one of the most accomplished academics of our time.

Thomas Cottier, Managing director of the World Trade Institute, is Professor of European and International Economics Law at the University of Bern and Director of the Institute of European and International Economic Law.

He has also served as a panellist on several GATT and WTO panels, most recently serving as Chairman of the panels dealing with the US and Canadian complaints on the measures taken by the EC with regard to Meat and Meat Products (hormone cases).

The Advent of the TRIPS Agreement

• The Prospects for Intellectual Property in GATT • Perspectives of Intellectual Property in the Triangle of GATT, EC and a European Economic Area • Intellectual Property in International Trade Law and Policy: The GATT Connection • The Value and Effects of Protecting Intellectual Property Rights within the World Trade Organization • The Impact of New Technologies on Multilateral Trade • Regulation and Governance

The TRIPS Agreement

•The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights • The Protection of Test Data Submitted to Governmental • Authorities: The Impact of the TRIPS Agreement on EC Law • The Impact of the TRIPs Agreement on Private Practice and Litigation •  Case: United States – Section 211 Omnibus Appropriations Act of 1998 (“Havana Club”) •  TRIPS, the Doha Declaration and Public Health

New Horizons

• Current and Future Issues Related to the TRIPS Agreement: A European Perspective • The TRIPs Agreement Without a Competition Agreement? • The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: ARequirement for Technology Cooperation, Foreign Investment and Equitable Returns in Biotechnology Prospecting • The Protection of Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge: Towards More Specific Rights and Obligations in World Trade Law • Legal Perspectives on Traditional Knowledge: The Case for Intellectual Property Protection • The Case for Protecting Geographical Indications and Traditional Knowledge in Agricultural Trade •  Traditional Knowledge and Geographical Indications: Foundations, Interests and Negotiating Positions

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