Edited by Mitsuo Matsushita, Dukgeun Ahn and Tain-Jy Chen

The WTO Trade Remedy System: East Asian Perspectives comprises of papers presented at the hugely successful 2005 International Conference on the Trade Remedy System: The East Asian Perspective, held on August 29-30 in Taipei and a number of essays commissioned specifically for this volume.

The first part deals with the restructuring issues of the current trade remedy system, where four papers discuss the reforms from different perspectives and point out the direction that such reforms will take. The second part of the book reviews the historical records of the system, portrays the pattern of trade remedy measures, and identifies some important issues that this pattern has revealed. The third part presents the experiences of the East Asian countries in operating the trade remedy system, usually by way of imitating its implementation in the US and the EU. In the case of China, the focus is on its treatment under the WTO’s trade remedy system. The fourth and final part describes some of the recent developments in the trade remedy issues from an East Asian perspective. The discussion includes China’s status as a non-market economy, the role of export subsidies, the operations of trade remedy mechanisms in PTAs, and proposed reforms concerned with anti-dumping agreements that are pertinent to the Doha Round.

ISBN 10: 1 905017 33 2

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 33 1

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