THE EC STATE AID REGIME: Distortive Effects of State Aid on Competition & Trade

Edited by Michael Sánchez Rydelski

The EC State Aid Regime will enable readers without any knowledge in the area, an easy access to the notion of state aid, the key concepts of the state aid procedure and the legal remedies. At the same time, it provides state aid experts with specific and in-depth analysis of subjects such as infrastructure funding, the market investor test, rescue and restructuring aid, state aid and risk capital, regional aid, aid for environmental protection, state aid and emission trading, state aid to the aviation and shipbuilding sectors, state aid in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, state aid to culture and sports, and the international dimension of state aid. The important area of state aid to services of general economic interest receives special attention in a separate chapter. The growing importance of economic analysis in the area of state aid and the ongoing discussion of the state aid reform have also been addressed in two separate chapters in the book.

The team of contributors is composed of practitioners, scientists, economists and civil servants of different administrative bodies and the European Commission.

The EC State Aid Regime will be a great resource for legal practitioners, national judges, civil servants, academic and students, who want to acquire or enhance their knowledge in this expanding field of law.

ISBN 10: 1 905017 34 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 34 8

• Hardback • 848pp • £125.00