INTERNATIONAL AND EU TRADE LAW: The Environmental Challenge

Geert Van Calster

In International and EU Trade Law: The Environmental Challenge Dr Geert Van Calster undertakes an unbiased, thorough analysis of WTO Agreements and their application to Trade and Environment issues. Employing a carefully documented approach, the book examines whether the WTO leaves room for the environmental pursuits of multilateral environmental agreements; border tax adjustment; unilateral trade-related environmental measures; eco-labelling; and state aid for environmental purposes.

International and EU Trade Law: The Environmental Challenge, offers specific, non-rhetorical suggestions in each Chapter, and identifies a broader framework within which the WTO will be able to tackle those trade and environment issues that are outstanding. It is the most comprehensive and analytically underpinned study to date of a wide range of Trade and Environment issues. It provides the reader, whether politician, practitioner, civil servant, academic, student or activist, with a comprehensively sourced assessment of the WTO’s lenience for genuine environmental and public health concerns.

ISBN 10: 1 874698 33 3

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 33 3

• Hardback • 590pp • 2000 • £110.00