Edited by Erik Chrispeels

International commodity organisations are under stress as a result of changes in economic policies and the political environment. The discontinuation of government sponsored price support measures on international commodity markets, and a diminishing interest in cooperation for development between North and South have raised questions in governments of developed countries about the role of public authorities in commodity markets, and the future of international commodity organisations.

International Commodity Organisations in Transition is a timely response to these questions. This book offers new orientations for the future activities of international organisations established to promote international trade in commodities of export interest to developing countries, such as cocoa, coffee, sugar, jute or tropical timber.

Over thirty well-known experts from around the world, holding senior positions in government, international commodity organisations, associations and academia have contributed to this book. Their analyses propose new directions for international cooperation in commodities grown or mined in developing countries.

This book should be read by all those who are interested in the future of international commodity organisations.

The Editor: Erik Chrispeels who was a legal adviser to many commodity conferences at the United Nations.

ISBN 10: 1 874698 09 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 09 8

• Hardback • 380pp • 2002 • £85.00