Multilateral and Regional Approaches

Edited by Julio Lacarte & Jaime Granados

This book compiles the proceedings of a conference on dispute settlement in international trade held in Montevideo, Uruguay in April 2004. It also includes papers requested to prestigious scholars and practitioners with the objective of ensuring as complete a collection of papers as possible in a single volume. The book provides a comprehensive view of both multilateral and regional trade dispute settlement mechanisms and the complex array of systemic issues that underlie their mutual interactions, including the challenges associated with the proliferation of dispute settlement mechanisms worldwide, the risk of fragmentation, and the special needs of developing countries. All of the chapters were written by leading experts; the papers and the roundtable discussions on multilateral issues expose the strengths and weaknesses of the WTO dispute settlement system, its history, the status of the current process of review, and the interactions between trade disputes and ongoing negotiations under the Doha Development Round, in particular regarding the ever difficult issue of agricultural trade. The book also brings a fresh view of the problems and accomplishments with respect to State-to-State trade disputes in several sub-regions of Latin America: MERCOSUR, the Andean Community, the Central American Common Market, and the ALADI framework. These are regions in which the specialized literature in English is scarce, yet their increasing importance as markets and players in international trade negotiations warrants the attention of practitioners, policymakers, negotiators and academics around the world. Dispute settlement in NAFTA and in the European Union are also the subject of individual chapters. Roundtable reports provide interesting comparative views. Those analyses set the stage for more prospective views and discussions on the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and its dispute settlement mechanism, an ambitious initiative that seeks to unite 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere. This book provides an excellent set of readings for those interested in the multiple facets and future challenges of trade dispute settlement around the globe.

ISBN 10: 1 8746 8 89 9 

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 89 0

• Hardback • 644pp • 2004 • £125.00