Issues and Lessons from the Practice of other International Courts and Tribunals

Edited by Prof. Friedl Weiss

This selection of essays is based on the idea that a substantial reform of the GATT/WTO system of dispute settlement may benefit from the insights and lessons to be derived from the practice of other international courts. Improving WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures is a valuable vademecum through the ongoing debate on how best to find, interpret and apply the rule of law in multilateral trade relations. Searchingly analytical papers from eminent specialists, academics and legal practitioners examine various procedural aspects of the GATT/WTO system of dispute settlement. Equal focus is brought to bear upon comparable dispute settlement procedures used by the International Court of Justice and by the European Court of Justice.

Academic teachers and students of the Law of International Organisations, of European Community Law and of International Economic and Trade Law, will benefit greatly from this book. Similarly, legal practitioners seeking to establish themselves in the rapidly expanding field of international trade law can ill afford to ignore it.

Contributors Include: -Dr Bernhard Jansen -K.P.E. Lasok QC -Allan Rosas -John A. Usher  -Richard Plender QC, LLD -Daniel Bethlehem -James Cameron & Stephen J. Orava -Theofanis Christoforou -Jacquelyn MacLennan -Sir Arthur Watts KCMG, QC -Peter Van Den Bossche -Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Marco Bronckers & Natalie McNelis -Melchior Wathelet -Robert E. Hudec -Christine Gray.

ISBN 10: 1 874698 03 1 

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 03 6

•  Hardback • 430pp • 2000 • £85.00