HANDBOOK OF GATS COMMITMENTS: Trade in Services under the WTO

Edited by David Hartridge, Tashi Kaul & Omar Odarda

This Handbook presents in graphic format an overview of all services commitments made by 146 WTO Members as of December 2002.  The detailed charts for each WTO Member are designed to answer the question: “What services does this country allow foreign businesses to offer?”

The charts not only identify services sectors in which Members have undertaken legal commitments to allow foreign access, but also indicate the level of these commitments. 

The Handbook is intended as a tool for private companies, trade negotiators and researchers.  For example, a private company seeking to invest abroad could refer to the book for an overview of market access opportunities in any one of the 146 WTO Member countries.  The Handbook also identifies instances of unclear commitments in Members’ schedules.  The book should help negotiators to review such cases in the current services round and therefore avoid ambiguities in the next generation of commitments.

The Handbook provides information that will highlight what is at stake in the negotiations and will identify areas in which improved commitments would benefit consumers and suppliers of services – and the countries making the commitments.  These features make the Handbook a quick and comprehensive reference guide to WTO Members’ services commitments and a compendium that is the first of its kind.

ISBN 10:1 874698 44 9

ISBN 13: 978 1 874698 44 9

• Hardback or Electronic • £195.00