Editors: David J. Laing & Luis A. Gómez

Executive Editor: Brian F. Burke

In the latest edition of The Global Merger Control Manual, the Editors acknowledge that parties to cross-border transactions can no longer treat merger control as a box-ticking exercise but must instead build a full merger control analysis (including a substantive assessment, coordinated filing strategies, review process timetables, etc.) into the transaction strategy as a whole.

This and the prior editions of the Manual were written by, and written for, practicing lawyers to assist in carrying out the daunting tasks associated with competition review of multinational mergers and acquisitions. Most of the contributors to this Edition are competition law experts at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm with offices in 38 countries, which is particularly well suited to such an international survey and publication. We have also drawn on the experience of practicing lawyers in many other countries.

The editors of this Edition are extremely grateful to these knowledgeable lawyers for their work in keeping our readers current on the many developments in merger control laws this past year has seen. A key new addition to the latest edition is the law in Nigeria, but it also includes significant developments in Japan and Indonesia.

The latest edition retains the versatility and user-friendly features of the previous editions.

  • Includes CD-Rom version of the entire Manual, allowing for easy downloading.
  • Quick Reference Guide at the beginning of the Manual, setting out the basic filing thresholds and timing implications of the merger control process in each country.
  • Tabulated format, providing easy access to the information about each country.
  • Includes both a summary of the merger control rules and the legislation itself for nearly every country.

Global Merger Control Manual will enable a company’s in-house teams, investment bankers, and lawyers to carry out an immediate preliminary assessment in order to determine the number and kind of merger notifications that will be required in respect of any multinational merger. The hours of research saved on just one transaction will more than cover the cost of this practical and easy to use Manual.


“This publication (…) stands as one of the most invaluable information sources for those (…) involved in merger control.”

Philip Lowe, Director General of Competition, European Commission

ISBN 10: 1 907174 06 0

ISBN 13: 978 1 907174 06 3

• PDF • 2010 • £100.00