Edited by Edwin Vermulst and Folkert Graafsma

Edwin Vermulst and Paul Waer have been practicing EU and WTO trade law and customs law since 1987. They were joined shortly thereafter by Folkert Graafsma.    What has set these lawyers apart from their peers is that from the outset they have made their experiences in these areas of law widely available through publications all over the world.

This book presents an overview of 23 seminal articles that they have published over the years, often in collaboration with other professionals.  These articles address an array of topics, from customs classification, rules of origin, and trade remedies (dumping, countervailing duties, safeguards, and the EU trade barriers regulation) to the various aspects of WTO dispute settlement.  While a substantial number of the articles reproduced herein appeared in the Journal of World Trade, others were originally published in American or Asian periodicals.  Now, for the first time, they are available in one accessible volume.

While the subject-matter, time frame (1987-present), and length (one to nearly one hundred pages) of these articles may vary substantially, every one of them remains topical (this was the primary basis for selection).  They are written in a no-nonsense style understandable to specialists and interested laymen alike.  Often starting with analyses of the imperfections in existing regulatory structures, the authors go on to offer suggestions for improvements that are pragmatically feasible and, if adopted, make differences in real life.

This book will be essential reading for lawyers, trade counsel, academics, and government officials who want to know how the system works in practice and how it can be improved. 

ISBN 10: 1 905017 00 6

ISBN 13: 978 1 905017 00 3

• Hardback • 2005 • £125.00